Based in Brooklyn, NY, Roberts is a folk music duo that draws from the canon of American roots music, crafting original songs and new standards. Rolling guitar lines and vocal harmonies channel the spirit of The Dave Rawlings Machine and The Milk Carton Kids, and their interpretations of the great American songbook breathes new life into the genre. They are one part Texas, one part Tennessee, and straight outta Brooklyn.  

Roberts is Robert Kitchens (The Bookhouse Boys, The Tumble, Kitchens’ Inc.,) and Robert Maxwell (The Gentlemen Vain, Silas Nello). Kitchens has played around the New York bluegrass scene and has shared the stage with Michael Daves and Cole Quest. His concurrent project Kitchens’ Inc. brings together a collective of musicians from the Lower East Side community, most notably members of Snarky Puppy. Maxwell has played sideman to several Texas based bands including Silas Nello and has appeared with The David Mayfield Parade.